Effective management is indispensable to total project delivery. Our services cover project definition and viability, planning and phasing, project control and management of interfaces, procurement, logistic and construction. Whether complex programs or a single project, WRTS delivers.

Whatever the particular industry involved, large and complex infrastructure program are filled with unique challenges. WRTS has a global reputation for building these multi-phase projects from concept to completion and overcoming the inevitable obstacles that occur along the way. This is done within a collaborative, multi-disciplined and integrated teaming environment.


Well-organized and integrated transport systems is the means of support of any Country’s economy, at WRTS our technical expertise embraces trains, vehicles, the track and infrastructure on which they run, and the operating systems which regulate and support an effective transport  services.


A need of public and private clients are best served using integrated teams experience in the planning and development of sustainable new highway infrastructure. WRTS has extensive experience using such terms for the development of local roads and national highways.


WRTS  gives room for diversification to really maximize our vision of building hope by rebuilding our communities towards an incomparable productive citizens among the committee of nations. Special Projects are to be designed in a special way to make life more enjoyable and accessible at every facet of human endeavor.