Westminster Railway Transport System Ltd. (WRTSL) Supervisory Management Team -SMT is administering an offer to the Federal Ministry of Transport Nigeria, in delivering a High Capacity Passenger & Goods Railway Network in Nigeria known as the WEST EAST NORTH RAIL LINE (WENRL) through a Private Public People Partnership Initiative

The SMT exist to progress and promote the safe, quality and resourceful delivery of the WENRL by humanizing the technical and general skills, knowledge and competence of those engaged in the implementation of WENRL

An integral part to this project is the secondary project, to develop and finance new communities’ zones along the corridor cutting across the States identified as the Sectional Economic Zones (SEZ)

DTEAM v1The key to deliver this project successfully relies upon the dynamism of WRTSL, its relationship & communication with the public and the people.

A project of this magnitude will involve a number of specialist engineering and project and program management skills. We recognise that the successful delivery of any project, not to mentioned a design, build and operate of a complex system such as a railway, involves the careful assembly of delivery partners that share the same ethos as WRTSL to professionalism and most importantly belief in the overall objectives of this project.

WRTSL shall ensure that we partner with the right delivery partner for the successful completion of the works.