WRTS  gives room for diversification to really maximize our vision of building hope by rebuilding our communities towards an incomparable productive citizens among the committee of nations. Special Projects are to be designed in a special way to make life more enjoyable and accessible at every facet of human endeavor.

Closer relationships are developing between public and private sectors, between conventional and renewable technologies, and between nations. In this era of opportunity no one is better placed to help operators, governments, investors, providers and contractors to make the big decisions than WRTS.

  • Generation
  • Transmission & Distribution
  • Desalination
  • Strategic Advice
  • Systems Engineering & Communications

Communication system is key matter and this is a very much means in WRTS structure. By bringing together the engineering innovative synergies WRTS sought to take communication to the next level.

Working with key players, commuters will soon be able to send emails and surf the high–speed internet on the way to work with WRTS intention to launches the world’s first broadband services on the trains in Africa.

WRTS aims to be the first wi-fi hotspot provider to offer genuine broadband speeds in Africa.


Our sustainable approach to design ensures our solution is inclusive of the whole-life issues that affect modern buildings. Integration of intelligent management systems with optimized functionality, whilst retaining good degrees of flexibility and adaptability of space, help to maximize the value and worth of the building asset for the long term.

Whether it is detailed design of a new hotel, or managing the development of a new corporate HQ, WRTS is well placed to deliver and to enhance value to our client’s project team.

In addition we can provide lifetime management of facilities to achieve greater value out of the client’s new and existing portfolio.

  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Public Sector
  • Commercial
  • Telecommunications
  • Leisure
  • Residential
  • Facility Management